As long as I can remember, I have been inspired to be a hairdresser.  After 25 years, I am still living the dream and I get paid to do something we all love.
My new passion is pin up hair. Pin-up styles brings out the old school roller and pin curl sets we all trained for in Cosmetology school.

Now the best part is we get to reinvent the wheel that is hair.  I still have the same incredible drive of creating and defining hair that I always have had. However I no longer do mass production hair in volumes. 

I like to declare my work as ‘Craft Hair’. This evaluation as a stylist first came to fruition six years ago when I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Our work as colorists is inhairently dangerous (excuse the pun). Ammonia is the cause of my bladder cancer  and hair color is the culprit.  There is a direct link between ammonia and cancer.

The reason to go with Organic color systems was simple for me.  No ammonia. Let me make this clear, my career as a colorist would have ended had it not been for Organic Color Systems and I thank them for it.  Our salon has been organic for 6 years now. Clients
love the clean smell as they enter and feel great about the organic experience from the shampoo and conditioners to  color and styling products.  We feel good knowing we are not harming the client or ourselves with chemicals that destroy our lives and our planet. 

As an Ambassador for Organic Color Systems, the door has been opened for me to work with not only cancer patients but others with health issues who are looking for alternatives to conventional hair color and chemically laden products to a true organic experience. This transformation allows them to begin to feel good about themselves knowing that they have alternatives.

I am also passionate about education.  My background as an educator was founded when I met the owner of Matrix Essentials, Arnie Miller. Arnie gave me my first job as an educator teaching other colorists. My time with Matrix lasted 10 years and that inspiration led me back to college for vocational education and teaching.  Our job as educators is not to show how much we know, but to inspire others to become their best. To dig deeper inside yourselves and define your love of what you do!
It is an honor to be a part of the Organic Color System’s team. I am grateful and thank you.

In closing, we can teach someone to do hair, we cannot teach them to love hair. Find your passion; life is way too short not to have fun.
On December 13, 2013   /   Certified Educators, Educators

William Connolly